domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012


I looked at your eyes and
they were green like the sea,
in that time. Do you remember it?
Do you remember everything
that we have done? What we—
we’ve been through? That time
you looked at me, crying
and I held you throughout your
bleak sadness that wouldn't
go away, because you looked
at yourself and saw only
only wounds and blood and I
I tried, I swear I tried, but
it would never be enough.
But I looked at you, I looked at
I think classical was
playing on the background,
calming, smooth, sad. It…
it enervated me. Couldn't even
concentrate when you turned;
all sharp angles and hard glint
in your eyes.
I said, "please, don't," but--
but you laughed derisively and
something-- I think something...
I could've heard something break.
I wanted to ask you so,
so many things, but you had
already turned your back
on me, and...
you hadn't even
stopped or turned when I
when I heard you say
"Goodbye, brother," you had said
and all that was left
it was nothing, nothing left
because you had taken everything
you had taken everything with you.